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Assess - Advise - Accomplish

Search for Talented Executives - Europe & Asia

Your final objective is to hire a candidate who – beyond his/her technical skills, business knowledge, intellect and leadership - will integrate well within your environment and will contribute to your success in the long run. In this regard, we particularly stress the following:

From your side

Thorough understanding of your company culture, management style, career development capacity, attraction points, positioning versus competitors, growth perspective, strategy, and reason for hiring. We may challenge some of your assumptions and we always advise you on the solution best appropriate to your need.

From the candidate side

Thorough evaluation of competences, technical skills, past experience, and more importantly personality and motivation as well as long term objectives. The assessment process will focus on the ability and satisfaction of each candidate to fit your environment, and to contribute to the overall result of your company.

We only proceed through direct approach of candidates we pre-select in view of your requirements, and we never "push" a candidate to accept the new role unless we are fully convinced it is worth his/her move from current employment and will be beneficial and satisfying to him/her and your company.
This is a proven methodology favoring retention.